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  • Linking Sections – Staff need to determine if they want to link the sections of the same course before school starts in order to not confuse the gradebook. This web page will help lay out the benefits and drawbacks.
  • Grade Setup – Staff will want to set up their grading scales and categories. This link has resources about how to do that.
  • Gradebook Navigation – This web page explains the various menus and tools in the actual gradebook. You could use this if that comes up, but it may also be helpful to share this after next week when they begin to have grades in the gradebook. It is completely up to you.
  • Printing a Class Roster – Staff have been requesting a way to get a blank roster. With students now in Schoology teachers can now download a list of students in Excel to create a blank roster. Brett created directions on how to create it (Thank you Brett!)
  • Advisee Tab – The Advisee tab is available on the left hand side of the Home page in Schoology and is a way for staff to view student courses, grades, and calendar. This page describes how to access it and what information is available.
  • Posting Final Trimester Grades from Schoology to Synergy

Schoology Parent Access Support (How staff can help parents with Schoology)

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