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Each month, we do different things such as watch a clip with the author, make a word search for terms in the books, have a guest speaker, literary games that are connected with the book, and once we watched the movie that was based on the book to do a comparison contrast, but with all books, I tend to do the following:

Meet twice a month with the hopes of the students reading the first half of the book by the first mtg and the rest of the book by the second half. At each meeting, we discuss the plot line, character development, writing style, setting, etc.

I do try and pick out a variety of books to challenge them to see different views. A couple years we read a book with the protagonist having a certain disease. That year, we has a couple students with that particular disease, one of whom came to talk about it and how things in the book might be accurate or similar to what she was experiencing. I've had the local librarian from Galaxy library come to do some book talks, and always check with our media specialist about her view on possible books I'm thinking about so as not to be too high of a reading level, not to offend anyone or be too controversial, etc. Genres are the biggest thing I attempt to change, maybe doing science fiction one time, realistic fiction, another, graphic books another. The last month, I always do reader's choice with an attempt for them to 'sell' their book/convince others to read it over the summer.

Please contact me with questions: Mrs. Gernandt (