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Cell Phone Policy Change
Cell Phone Policy Change
Cell Phone Policy Change

Dear Scott Highlands Middle School Parents and Guardians,

We are updating our Cell Phone Policy at Scott Highlands and we need your help.  We feel this revision will enhance student learning in our school.

Maybe you can relate to the challenge of a middle-school-aged student staying off social media and having an intense need to check their phones every time that phone buzzes or dings with an alert.  It can become a huge distraction and can have a negative impact on students focusing, and on being “present” and truly in the moment.  Being “present” without distractions is a key to student learning.  

We are seeing daily that cell phones are having a negative impact on focus and we feel we must act to help students enhance their connection to learning at SHMS.  

When we come back from Winter Break, cell phones will no longer be allowed for students at Scott Highlands Middle School.  From 8:00 AM to 3:15 PM, cell phones are not allowed in any area of our school—not in the hallways, not in the lunchroom, and certainly not in classrooms.  All students have an amazing tool for learning with their iPad.  That iPad will help students with all of the access and communication they need to be successful at SHMS.  

We are asking for your help, parents, in keeping student cell phones at home.  All parents can use Schoology or email to contact their child during the day on the student’s iPad.  Parents, if you need to contact your child, you can certainly call the Scott Highlands Main Office at 952-423-7581 and we will make sure your child receives your message as soon as possible.  Additionally, students can call out by using one of our land-line phones available in our cafeteria and in our main office.

If students must bring their cell phone to school, it should be turned off completely during the school day.  (The only exception would be for those few students who need to monitor glucose through their cell phones.  Our nurse and teachers are aware of this need for those students.)

If students bring and use their phone during the school day, that student will be asked to turn their phone into the main office until the end of the school day.  If this continues to happen where the student must turn-in their phone to the main office, the phone will be kept at school until a parent comes and meets with school administration to pick the device up from school. Cell phones placed in the office are kept in a locked cabinet.

Thank you, parents, for processing this change with your student.  Thank you, as well, for supporting this change.  Part of Scott Highlands being a great school is that we believe relationships are the cornerstone of all we do.  We feel this revision of our phone policy will help improve our connections with one another and our focus on learning.




Dan Wilharber

Scott Highlands Middle School